Mission: Geo

Protecting the Future 
Mission: Geo is Eric Beasley path to having no waste and having all products made with sustainable, plant-based, and recycled material to ensure the future of not just apparel but all life alike.

We make great efforts to protect and respect the animals and plants that make up our planet.

Climate change is also taking effect on the planet so Eric Beasley strives to protect the climate and the life that resides in it.

"The Earth can only protect us if we protect it."

-Eric Beasley


Recycled Material

Made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled polyester, and other recyclable products reduces waste and reduces carbon emissions by approximately 30% compared to more common materials.  All plastic in products and packaging is recycled.

Producing in Batches

We do not do any mass producing of products, we produce products strictly in batches to reduce waste and to only use resources that we need.  Batches also prevent overconsumption.

Vegan Leather, Blends

Using our vegan leather and blends material creates a material that reduces carbon emissions and uses less water and chemicals than regular cotton and blends.  We use 100% plant-based and/or sustainable materials.  That means using organic, recycled, and eco friendly synthetic materials, including vegan leather, that does not harm the environment.   

Recycle & Donating Products

Waste should not be wasted. Recycle your apparel or accessories and transform them into Eric Beasley recyclable material, used in streetwear products, athletic wear, accessories, and home goods.

Sustainable Canvas

Products made with canvas have little to none contribute to land, air, or water pollution.  Use very little resources such as water and energy.

Sustainable Nylon

Using sustainable and synthetic nylon reduces greenhouse gases in the environment and uses less water, reducing environmental contamination and pollution.

Sustainable Spandex

We strive to use recycled and synthetic spandex in all our products that contain spandex.  This means using recycled spandex from production and customers.  Recycled and synthetic spandex releases less to no plastic pollution into the environment.

Future of Design and Products

Limited resources demand we rethink the ways in which we live. We envision a future where waste doesn’t exist, and materials can be used and reused.

We make products with sustainability and the environment in mind, these are core values of Eric Beasley.